Hello and welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ridha Rasyid, and I’m a freelance videographer, editor, and photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’d want to tell you a long story of why I needed to write this message specifically for you.

For your information, you may only view this post using the link I provided.

First of all, I would like to tell you how much I love your drone, it is highly advanced and, of course, gets better every year. The first drone I purchased was a DJI Phantom 3 Pro in 2017. I still use this drone these days. I recently created a drone showreel video for my DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

Here’s the video:

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I also have some photos taken from my DJI Phantom 3 Pro:

But lately I’ve been having issues when I try to fly it. I have two drone batteries, and it turns out that one of them had an error. There is an error message showing “Battery Cell Error”. When I try to charge the battery, the light flashes, then disappears, and this process continues forever, it cannot be charged. This drone sometimes gets issues with messages like “Motor Overloaded”. Maybe this drone is tired.

Here are images and video of my drone receiving an error message:

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I still use this drone for freelancing work and while traveling. Here are some images of me using the DJI Phantom 3 Pro:

Then the question is,

"Why don't I upgrade to the latest DJI drone?"

This is the point I want to let you know. I find that working as a freelancer is really challenging and not always easy. My days feel really, really hard, year over year. I am dealing with personal problems in my life.

Long story short, I graduated from high school in 2016. I have been making videos as a freelancer since I graduated from high school. The first time I received money, I was paid only “300.000-500.000 Indonesian Rupiah ($19-31)” for one video. I also offered free videos to allow me to build my portfolio and gain experience.

After graduating from high school in 2016, I pursued my studies in graphic design at university. But my studies did not go well, so I decide to quit in 2018. For your information, I studied graphic design, it was not my choice, instead it was my parents’ choice. I wanted to study film, but my parents didn’t agree. So I just followed my mother’s wishes. This is the beginning of why I’ve been having problems lately.

From 2016 to 2018, I started my job as a freelancer and a student. It’s challenging for me to maintain a balance between working and studying. I couldn’t simply leave this freelance job because I enjoy it so much. I am very excited to improve my skills in this field.

My life did not get any better when I left college. I am really, terribly stressed. I truly had many problems with my family. Year after year, I try to manage my anxiety so that my life will get better. But I can’t.

In 2022, I decided to go to a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with depression. The last few years have been terrible for me. I don’t feel excited about life, I’m not in a good mood, I avoid social media, I avoid all types of conversations, and I avoid getting around my friends. I simply want to be alone. This is truly bothering me. After I had medication, my life slowly became better.

I can finally stop taking my medicine in early 2024. I feel a lot healthier and better than before. That’s when I made the decision to go back to work. I genuinely want to move on from my past.

Suddenly, I thought,

"Is there any way I could work with DJI to create a video?"

Honestly, I don’t really know any information. Can I get a DJI product to make a video, or am I truly qualified to create content for your company, specifically for your social media platforms? You do not need to pay me, I would be happy if I could create a video for you. Maybe I can create a campaign video for your new drone or product, a cinematic video for your social media, a travel video for your content, or whatever else I am capable of.

For your information, I am currently in Yogyakarta, a city on Central Java Island in Indonesia. I’ve been here almost a year, trying to clear my mind and improve my mental health. There are many beautiful places to see here. This area has over fifty beaches, mount merapi, famous and beautiful huge temples, rice fields, and lovely urban areas. It’s nearly the same here if you are familiar with Bali. So I thought making a video here would be amazing for your content.

Here are some photos I captured in Yogyakarta to show you what it’s like:

I have experience as a videographer, editor and photographer for more than 5 years as a freelancer. Now I’ve created videos and photos for a brand, event, organization, company, international community, engagement, pre-wedding, and wedding. I am a self-taught videographer, editor and photographer through online media.

I have a profile and portfolio that you can check out at this.

I also have a portfolio website , and this was written on my personal website. I’ve worked for several of international companies, such as Garmin, Hush Puppies, Filmsupply, Musicbed, Pursuit of Portraits, and local Indonesian brands. This is a video reel from my career working as a videographer and editor. Here’s the video:

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Thank you for taking the time to read until the end. Hopefully, this will be one of my first steps to continuing my career. This is a big dream for me, if in reality this can be accomplished for me.

This is a very sensitive story for me, and I do not want anyone I know to know about it. I hope that my story won’t disturb you. Sorry if this story isn’t very pleasant to read, I tried my best.

Thank you very much, have an amazing day!

Ridha Rasyid